OER13 Programme Committee

Jackie Carter, University of Manchester, [email protected]
Chris Pegler, The Open University, [email protected]

Andy Beggan, University of Nottingham, [email protected]
Terese Bird, University of Leicester, [email protected]
Anna Comas-Quinn, The Open University, [email protected]
Maren Deepwell, ALT, [email protected]
Jonathan Darby, OE SIG/Consultant, [email protected]
Tracey de Beer
Alex Fenlon, Higher Education Academy, [email protected]
Chris Follows, Wimbledon College of Art, [email protected]
Stephen Gomez, Higher Education Academy, [email protected]
David Kernohan, JISC, [email protected]
Andy Lane, The Open University, [email protected]
Dawn Leeder, UCEL, [email protected]
Patrick McAndrew, The Open University, [email protected]
Terry McAndrew, JISC Techdis, [email protected]
Victor Ottaway, Newcastle University, [email protected]
Megan Quentin-Baxter, Newcastle University, [email protected]
Tim Seal, The Open University/OE SIG, [email protected]
Vivien Sieber, University of Surrey, [email protected]
Steve Stapleton, University of Nottingham, [email protected]
Amber Thomas
Simon Thomson, Leeds Metropolitan University, [email protected]
Joe Wilson, Scottish Qualifications Authority, [email protected]

OER13 Enquiries

Please email [email protected]



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